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International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys)

New Mexico Distinguished Senior Award



The Chapter Distinguished Senior Awards will be presented to two graduating seniors who are inducted Thespians and members of an active Thespian troupe as determined by the records of the association at the time of nomination. The finalists will be interviewed during the NM Thespian Conference IE Callback session by the NM Thespian Board Award Committee and the winners will be presented with a cash award at the Showcase.

Each active Thespian troupe may nominate two seniors for the award: one actor and one tech.  Nominees will be selected based on their contributions to all aspects of the school and troupe’s theatre program: on-stage, off-stage, troupe activities, honors, community outreach, etc. Nominees must be planning to continue their arts education after they graduate and hold a minimum 2.75 GPA. The school’s troupe sponsor will submit the nominations to the chapter using a form created by the association.

The nominees and their troupe sponsor must attend the chapter Festival or festival to receive the award.