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Scholarships (deadline is March 4)

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West Virginia Thespian Scholarship Information

Every year, the WV State Thespian Festival awards three (3) $1000.00 scholarships, for outstanding acting and/or tech students. These scholarships are:

  1. The David L. Sindledecker Memorial Scholarship – for students pursuing education in technical theatre production.
  2. The Steve Glendenning Memorial Scholarship – for students pursuing education in theatre performance.
  3. The Kelsey Hayward Memorial Scholarship – for students pursuing education in theatre education.

Below are the requirements for the Thespian Scholarships.

  1. A senior in a WV high school.
  2. A Thespian in good standing.
  3. The student must plan to major or minor in Theatre (tech, education or acting) at the college of their choice.
  4. A minimum overall grade point average of 2.8.
  5. Complete application (available on the website) and letter of reference of the student’s theatre teacher.
  6. Attend the WV State Thespian Festival.
  7. Performance: The student must submit a video audition with two contrasting monologues of one and a half minutes each or one monologue and one song to total three minutes. 
  8. Design/Production/Education: The student must submit a digital portfolio presentation that should include drawings, pictures, and/or slides.
  9. Students may apply in one category only.

The scholarships will be awarded at the state festival.  The International Thespian Society Headquarters will contact the scholarship winner and request that he/she notify the International Thespian Society headquarters in writing of the name and address of the financial aid director at the college of his/her choice. Upon receipt of this information, the financial aid director shall request verification of enrollment. The International Thespian Society headquarters will issue the scholarship check - in the name of the Society - made payable to the college/university and the scholarship recipient once official verification of the scholarship winner’s enrollment has been received.  Under no circumstances will the check be issued directly to the recipient.

Completed application and sponsor’s letter of reference must be mailed or emailed to the Chapter Director by Friday, March 4, 2022.